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December 9, 2019

Marketing professionals work to get the word out about a product or service. If you love using social media, coming up with creative strategies to meet a goal, and staying current with trends, then pursuing an online associate degree in marketing could benefit you.

According to PayScale, people who earn an associate degree in marketing earn $50,000 on average. You can also use an online associate marketing degree to kickstart your bachelor's degree. Keep reading to learn more about what you can learn during your studies, potential careers you can pursue, and things to consider before transferring to a four-year program.

What Will You Learn in an Online Marketing Associate Degree Program?

During your studies, you can expect to learn marketing basics, including how to work with influencers to promote products, how to use social media to reach new customers, and how to collaborate with advertising professionals to create a successful marketing campaign. Marketing classes also cover writing basics so you can write copy that grabs attention and inspires action.

In this degree program, you can also expect to learn about market research and how to use data for business promotion. Finally, this broad degree instructs students on how to create meaningful graphics and photographs and how to evaluate marketing campaigns.

Common Courses

Marketing Foundations

This class introduces marketing basics. Topics include social media, advertising, marketing research, writing, and visual communication. Taking this class can help you determine whether this major will serve your interests and career goals.

Consumer Market Behavior

In this course, students examine how cultural and social norms impact choices consumers make. This class also covers psychological factors that play a role in whether an individual makes a purchase. Upon finishing this course, learners have the knowledge they need to make marketing decisions that influence consumer behavior.

Personal Selling

This class covers the basics of making a sales pitch. Learners discover helpful tips and tricks for making a sales call and gaining new clients. A personal selling course also discusses the types of people you can encounter during a sale and how to form a meaningful connection with each.

Creative Advertising

In this class, students learn how to create useful broadcasting and print advertisements. Learners must think creatively to come up with impactful copy and graphics that motivate consumers to purchase a product or service. Students also evaluate current advertising campaigns for effectiveness and discuss how to improve their performance.

Logistics and Supply Chain Strategy

This class focuses on how supply chain and operations management functions, including how to manage inventory and how to use supply and demand to benefit a business. The course also discusses how to distribute goods to consumers properly and how to conduct quality and quantity assessments.

Core Skills

To succeed in a marketing role, you must acquire a certain set of skills. Some of these skills might come naturally to you, while others might require more work to perfect. Luckily, you can hone these skills while earning an online associate degree in marketing.

Soft skills are harder to quantify than hard skills; therefore, you cannot test them as easily. Some examples are organization, teamwork, patience, adaptability, and communication. With practice, anyone can improve these skills.

Hard skills are easier to quantify and test than soft skills. Examples of hard skills for those in marketing include proficiency in marketing software and market research. Broadening your skill set can also help you qualify for jobs in industries other than marketing.

What Can You Do With an Associate Degree in Marketing?

Before you commit to earning an online associate degree in marketing, consider whether your career goals align with this degree. Keep in mind you do not necessarily need to limit yourself to finding a job in marketing with this degree. You could end up working in a similar field, such as public relations or advertising. Allow yourself the flexibility to change and grow. Keep reading to learn more about where you could work after graduation.

Potential Careers and Salaries

When you choose to pursue a broad degree like an online associate degree in marketing, you can work in a variety of settings. For example, if you possess a passion for helping others, you could earn a job at a nonprofit. If you love good food, you could earn a job as a marketing professional for a locally owned business or successful franchise. Below, we discuss potential careers you can find with this degree and their average salaries. While many of these jobs require a bachelor's degree, qualified individuals with an associate degree may find similar positions. Additionally, an associate degree in marketing can prepare students for a bachelor's program.

Public Relations and Fundraising Managers

These professionals use communication channels to motivate consumers to purchase goods or services. Public relations and fundraising managers also maintain relationships with important stakeholders by hosting events, sending press releases, writing newsletters, and responding to social media posts. Public relations and fundraising managers need at least a bachelor's degree; some positions may require a master's.

Average Annual Salary: $114,800

Advertising, Promotions, and Marketing Managers

Advertising, promotions, and marketing managers use media channels to influence consumers to purchase a product or service. Some of these media channels include commercials, print ads, and web ads. Marketing professionals also use tools such as search engine optimization to reach target audiences. These positions typically require a bachelor's degree.

Average Annual Salary: $132,620

Market Research Analysts

Market research analysts detect market patterns to predict potential sales. These professionals advise businesses on which products will resonate with particular target audiences. In other words, they help marketing professionals understand who they should aim to communicate with and what factors influence client purchases. Most market research analysts need at least a bachelor's degree.

Average Annual Salary: $63,120

Advertising Sales Agents

Advertising sales agents connect businesses and professionals with paid advertising space. They help their clients determine what type of advertisement will resonate with their audience the most. Often, these professionals must meet sales quotas.

Average Annual Salary: $51,740

Writers and Authors

Writers compose copy used for print and digital purposes. They must fully understand the target audience the writing speaks to and tailor words to resonate with this target demographics. Writers must possess an eye for detail and strong grammatical skills. Marketing degrees focus strongly on communication, a key skill for this position.

Average Annual Salary: $62,170

What's Next After an Online Associate Degree in Marketing?

After you earn an online associate degree in marketing, you can either enter the workforce after graduation, or you can further your education with a bachelor's degree.

Individuals with a bachelor's degree tend to qualify for more competitive, high-income jobs. If you find your career options are limited, pursuing a four-year degree could serve you well. Regardless of what you choose, make sure to research your prospective school's transfer policies and available degrees.

Transferring to a Four-Year Degree Program

If you want to transfer your two-year degree and apply it toward a four-year degree, communicate with your college or university. Typically, an admissions counselor can help you determine which classes you can transfer. If your two-year degree includes similar classes as the four-year degree's requirements, transferring your credits should not pose a problem. Most accredited schools accept transfer credits from other accredited schools. Also, if you plan your transfer options early, you can save yourself much hassle later on.

What Degrees Can You Pursue After Earning an Associate in Marketing?

Before you choose which bachelor's or master's degree to pursue, consider your career goals and conduct research. This way, you will get the most out of your studies and be successful after graduation. To help your efforts, we have listed three common degrees individuals choose to pursue after an associate degree in marketing.

Bachelor's in Marketing

If you enjoyed what you learned during your two-year marketing degree, consider extending your studies with a bachelor's in marketing. This degree will allow you to look closer at marketing principles.

Bachelor's in Public Relations

A bachelor's in public relations can complement an associate degree in marketing. The degree teaches students how to use communication to build relationships with clients and how to communicate effectively with stakeholders such as donors and investors.

Master's in Business

After you earn your associate and bachelor's degrees, you can further your education with a master's in business administration. This degree can open even more career opportunities and allow you to earn high-income jobs in the business sector.


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