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Indiana is home to some of the country's most well-known and respected colleges and universities. From groundbreaking research to major college athletics, there is something for every student. This guide provides comprehensive research on colleges in Indiana, including school rankings, tuition and living costs, financial aid, and student planning resources. Read on to learn more about choosing a program and attending college in the state.

Indiana College Leaderboard: Rankings

College rankings are an excellent place to begin researching school options. Using an intricate scoring system and data collection process, our education experts rated Indiana colleges using key factors such as tuition cost, financial aid availability, student-to-teacher ratio, graduation rate and alumni earnings data. Browse the list below to see which Indiana colleges and universities are best-in-class for the academic year.

Rankings Methodology Minimum Qualifications
  • Located in indiana
  • Public or private not-for-profit
  • Institutionally accredited
  • At least 10 total programs
Ranking Metrics
  • Median annual alumni earnings 10 years after entering the college
  • In-state tuition and fees for undergraduates
  • Student/teacher ratio
  • 6-year graduation rate
  • % of students receiving institutional financial aid (first-time, full-time undergrads)
  • Average amount of institutional aid awarded per student (first-time, full-time undergrads)
  • Availability of placement services upon completion
  • Availability of academic/career counseling services
  • Availability of employment services
  • 3-year student cohort loan default rate
Data Sources

Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS): National Center for Education Statistics

Latest 'Final Release' data available as of Fall 2016 College Scorecard: U.S. Department of Education

2-Year Programs

Ivy Tech Community College View School Profile $ 9% 99.84 $28,400 19:1 9% N/A 12 186 Yes Yes
Ancilla College View School Profile $$ 10% 86 $29,200 12:1 78% N/A 1 17 No Yes

4-Year Programs

University of Notre Dame View School Profile $$$$ 95% 99.8 $69,400 10:1 57% 21% 0 120 Yes No
Purdue University-Main Campus View School Profile $$ 70% 99.49 $52,600 12:1 47% 59% 13 234 Yes No
DePauw University View School Profile $$$$ 78% 99.45 $47,800 10:1 99% 57% 0 48 Yes No
Valparaiso University View School Profile $$$$ 74% 98.66 $48,100 12:1 96% 82% 6 120 Yes No
Butler University View School Profile $$$$ 73% 98.12 $52,400 11:1 91% 68% 0 77 Yes No
Wabash College View School Profile $$$$ 73% 98.03 $49,900 10:1 98% 70% 0 22 Yes No
University of Indianapolis View School Profile $$$$ 54% 97.36 $41,600 11:1 97% 66% 3 83 Yes No
Indiana Wesleyan University View School Profile $$$ 70% 97.35 $46,000 16:1 50% 95% 37 126 Yes Yes
Indiana University-Bloomington View School Profile $$ 75% 97.28 $45,300 17:1 46% 76% 9 175 Yes Yes
Saint Mary’s College View School Profile $$$$ 78% 97.24 $45,600 10:1 96% 83% 0 32 No No
Saint Joseph’s College View School Profile $$$$ 50% 96.74 $39,800 11:1 100% 66% 0 45 Yes Yes
Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology View School Profile $$$$ 76% 96.62 $78,900 13:1 99% 59% 0 29 Yes No
Trine University View School Profile $$$$ 53% 96.53 $42,600 11:1 99% 76% 0 39 Yes Yes
Taylor University View School Profile $$$$ 77% 96.41 $38,600 13:1 100% 88% 3 71 Yes No
Franklin College View School Profile $$$$ 60% 96.3 $41,000 12:1 100% 69% 0 47 Yes No
Hanover College View School Profile $$$$ 65% 96.22 $44,400 12:1 100% 64% 0 31 Yes No
Goshen College View School Profile $$$$ 71% 96.19 $36,300 10:1 100% 54% 0 41 Yes Yes
Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College View School Profile $$$$ 62% 95.93 $30,200 8:1 98% 100% 22 46 Yes Yes
University of Evansville View School Profile $$$$ 68% 95.87 $40,000 14:1 97% 83% 0 82 Yes Yes
University of Saint Francis-Fort Wayne View School Profile $$$$ 50% 95.8 $40,000 12:1 100% 97% 7 59 Yes Yes
Bethel College-Indiana View School Profile $$$$ 61% 95.12 $36,500 12:1 98% 71% 2 55 Yes Yes
Marian University View School Profile $$$$ 59% 94.96 $40,400 13:1 99% 56% 1 37 Yes Yes
Ball State University View School Profile $$ 57% 94.82 $39,000 15:1 47% 60% 16 158 Yes No
Huntington University View School Profile $$$ 59% 94.62 $35,500 12:1 97% 97% 5 62 Yes No
Anderson University View School Profile $$$$ 57% 94.14 $35,900 12:1 97% 55% 2 84 Yes No
Earlham College View School Profile $$$$ 72% 94.11 $32,300 9:1 97% 65% 0 40 Yes No
Manchester University View School Profile $$$$ 57% 93.88 $38,000 15:1 100% 74% 1 48 Yes No
Indiana University-Purdue University-Indianapolis View School Profile $$ 38% 93.48 $39,100 19:1 41% 70% 13 149 Yes No
Oakland City University View School Profile $$ 57% 93.29 $33,700 12:1 94% 55% 3 42 Yes Yes
Calumet College of Saint Joseph View School Profile $$ 29% 93.18 $37,200 11:1 82% 34% 1 21 Yes Yes
Indiana State University View School Profile $$ 43% 93.11 $36,000 20:1 75% 83% 32 114 Yes Yes
Purdue University-Calumet Campus (Purdue University-Northwest) View School Profile $ 27% 92.55 $38,100 19:1 24% 60% 4 58 Yes No
Trine University-Regional/Non-Traditional Campuses View School Profile $$ N/A 92.51 $42,600 10:1 N/A 67% 13 13 Yes Yes
Indiana Tech View School Profile $$$ 31% 91.56 $41,100 36:1 63% 71% 9 30 No Yes
Indiana University-Southeast View School Profile $ 27% 91.48 $34,000 14:1 66% 80% 1 37 Yes No
Indiana University-South Bend View School Profile $ 23% 91.24 $33,800 13:1 40% 73% 2 56 Yes No
University of Southern Indiana View School Profile $ 36% 91.22 $35,500 17:1 41% 71% 5 65 Yes Yes
Grace College and Theological Seminary View School Profile $$$ 58% 91.01 $33,200 26:1 90% 80% 6 68 Yes Yes
Indiana University-Purdue University-Fort Wayne View School Profile $$ 22% 90.91 $35,900 17:1 16% 91% 5 76 Yes No
Indiana University-Northwest View School Profile $ 22% 90.3 $35,900 15:1 18% 77% 2 39 Yes No
Purdue University – North Central Campus (Purdue University-Northwest) View School Profile $ 18% 89.52 $35,200 15:1 8% 73% 0 22 Yes Yes
Indiana University-East View School Profile $ 25% 88.99 $29,100 15:1 47% 64% 10 26 No No
Indiana University-Kokomo View School Profile $ 22% 88.84 $33,600 16:1 25% 67% 1 28 Yes No
Martin University View School Profile $$ 11% 86 $22,300 15:1 N/A N/A 0 16 Yes Yes

Find & Explore Indiana Colleges

With considerations like size of the university, program availability, price, and more, there's a lot to research about Indiana colleges and universities. The search tool below is engineered to help aspiring students quickly learn about and compare universities based on the attributes that matter most to them.

Indiana College Prep & Support Programs

Whether one needs help getting into college or information once enrolled, Indiana residents can take advantage of a variety of state resources to help them navigate the often overwhelming postsecondary landscape. State resources can help students sort through financial and academic requirements, aid for underrepresented students and potential career paths. The list below is a brief summary of several Indiana college planning and support programs.

21st Century Scholars Program

The 21st Century Scholars Program provides up to four years of full-tuition scholarships at any public college or university in Indiana. If award winners wish to attend a non-profit, private institution, the scholarship will compensate the award winner with an amount comparable to a four-year public college. The scholarship is awarded to high school seniors who - beginning in 9th grade - complete all 12 college and career preparation tasks established by a program called ScholarTrack.

Learn More Indiana

Learn More Indiana is a comprehensive website built around the needs of each student. There are sections for students, parents, veterans, educators and adult learners regarding career, college and cost. This resource is particularly useful for students that may be unsure of their career path as well as which college to go to, as it has a career tool made to help students find their passion. Additionally, the resource takes an in-depth look at paying for college and the 21st Century Scholar Program.

College Choice

College Choice is Indiana’s answer to the climbing cost of a college education. The 529 college savings plan is broken down into three different options: a direct savings plan, a CollegeChoice Adviser or a CollegeChoiceCD account. Each option is differentiated by the method and time required to invest in the savings plan. Though this resource is most beneficial for those that plan years in advance, it can be a useful tool in deciding how and when to pay for college. The site also offers links to federal state resources such as the Indiana Education Savings Authority and the Indiana Treasurer of State.

Financial Factors: Paying for College in Indiana

College is a sizeable financial investment, but there are ways to minimize one's long-term student debt. Indiana colleges often offer considerable financial aid to in-state residents. The charts below give prospective students a breakdown of the cost of college in Indiana and the average financial aid amounts given to students.

* Institutional aid represents grant and scholarship funds directly awarded by a postsecondary institution.

* Financial aid data represents 4-year public and private nonprofit schools only.

The Most Budget-Friendly Colleges and Universities in Indiana

While it's helpful to know the general financial landscape of colleges in Indiana, it's even more useful to know which are the most affordable. The six-school ranking below was determined by the net costs – tuition and fees minus financial aid – of various Indiana colleges.

Indiana College Net Price vs. National Average

Annual Net Price
INDIANA $17,744

Source: College Scorecard
Note: Rankings/data represent 4-year public and private nonprofit schools only.

Indiana Colleges With the Top-Paid Grads

While a college education enlightens and educates, it also serves the aim to create a financially stable future for graduates. One way to measure this effectively is by analyzing which schools have the highest paid alumni 10 years down the line. The ranking below spotlights which Indiana colleges produce the highest-paid alumni and compares them against the national average.

Indiana College Net Price vs. National Average

Annual Net Price
INDIANA $17,744

Source: College Scorecard
Note: Rankings/data represent 4-year public and private nonprofit schools only.

Indiana Colleges Leaving the Least Student Debt

With increasing student loans becoming a point of national concern, another important measure of financial viability is the debt that alumni face after they graduate. The following ranking was determined by analyzing the schools that produced alumni with the lowest student debt and comparing them to the national average to create a reliable list of cost-effective universities in the state.

Indiana College Net Price vs. National Average

Annual Net Price
INDIANA $17,744

Source: College Scorecard
Note: Rankings/data represent 4-year public and private nonprofit schools only.

More Financial Factors: Living Costs in Indiana

When it comes to financial responsibilities as a college student, very little matters more than the cost of tuition and the cost-of-living. Those who choose to attend college in Indiana are lucky in that the state's cost-of-living is less than the national average, but it doesn’t hurt to have a breakdown of average living expenses in its largest metropolitan areas. Continue to the table below to learn more.

area composite index housing groceries utilities transportation health care misc.
Statewide Average 89% 81% 93% 91% 95% 96% 94%
Bloomington 94% 85% 94% 88% 128% 92% 92%
Evansville 91% 81% 92% 102% 94% 93% 95%
Fort Wayne-Allen County 86% 69% 89% 93% 94% 92% 94%
Indianapolis 91% 82% 94% 90% 93% 100% 97%
South Bend 89% 85% 93% 85% 98% 96% 89%

Source: The Council for Community and Economic Research

Indiana Colleges: Why Accreditation Matters

Making sure that universities are accredited before you send in an application is an important step in securing a quality college education. Accreditation ensures that the college and program of your choice meet regional, and sometimes national, standards. Colleges in Indiana are regionally accredited by the Higher Learning Commission.

Accreditation can also be programmatic, meaning an agency specializing in a field has vetted the related programs within colleges. When a program and/or institution is vetted by an accreditation agency, students can be sure that their education is valued by employers and other universities. Two examples are provided below:

Popular College Cities in Indiana


Evansville, Indiana is the third largest city in the state and was named one of the 100 best communities for young people in 2005. There are at least five colleges in Evansville, which for a city of around 300,000 is quite a lot. Though there are plenty of universities, they tend to have fewer than 10,000 enrollments, making the overall learning environment more personal.

College Name School Type Annual Net Price Annual Median Earnings
10 Years After College

Only includes former students who received federal financial aid.

EvansvilleUniversity of Southern Indiana Public $14,098 $35,500
The University of Southern Indiana is a public institution located just outside Evansville in Vanderburgh County. The university's primary focus is on credit program delivery with 70 undergraduate programs, 10 master's programs and one doctoral program. The university services both the metropolitan area and the surrounding rural areas.
EvansvilleUniversity of Evansville Private not-for-profit $20,396 $40,000
The University of Evansville is a private institution affiliated with the United Methodist Church. UE is centrally located just three hours from St. Louis, three hours from Indianapolis and two hours away from Nashville. It is a small university enrolling about 2,500 students, the average class size being 18 students. The university offers over 80 different majors and courses of study.

As the 12th largest city in the United States, Indianapolis has a higher education landscape all its own. There are over 50 universities and colleges in the greater Indianapolis area, and with that comes a thriving postsecondary community. There are large universities, public and private, in addition to high-quality community colleges that prospective students can attend, depending on their education and career goals. Continue reading to learn more about three universities representative of the college community in Indianapolis.

College Name School Type Annual Net Price Annual Median Earnings
10 Years After College

Only includes former students who received federal financial aid.

IndianapolisButler University Private not-for-profit $29,103 $52,400
Located in the historic Butler-Tarkington neighborhood, Butler University is a small school with approximately 5,000 students. The university is not religiously affiliated and has a very high rate of student engagement. There are over 150 student organizations in which 94 percent of the student population is involved. Greek life is also prominent at the university with 35 percent of students participating. Butler competes in Division I sports and has an impressive string of league championships.
IndianapolisUniversity of Indianapolis Private not-for-profit $22,293 $41,600
The University of Indianapolis is small, private institution located near downtown Indianapolis. There are just over 5,400 students enrolled in the college, which is affiliated with the United Methodist Church. The university is recognized nationally for its health sciences, teacher education and communications undergraduate programs.
IndianapolisIndiana University - Purdue University Indianapolis Public $14,666 $39,100
The Indiana University Purdue - University Indianapolis is a public research institution located near the state capitol. It serves more than 30,000 students from all over the nation and globe. IUPUI prides itself on its research as it was formed as a 1969 merger between Indiana University and Purdue University. It holds 17 schools and offers over 350 academic programs between Indiana and Purdue University.

Source: College Scorecard

More on Going to College in Indiana

Independent Colleges Indiana

Independent Colleges Indiana offers student resources specific to Indiana's 31 private, non-profit colleges.

Indiana Campus Compact

The Indiana Campus Compact is a consortium of university presidents and chancellors from public, private and two-year colleges.

Indiana College Cost Estimator

The Indiana College Cost Estimator allows students and parents to access information related to paying for college.

ISM College Planning

ISM College Planning offers resources in areas such as college planning and financial aid.

Next Indiana

Next Indiana provides high school students with resources to guide them through the months following graduation.

Transfer Indiana

Transfer Indiana has higher education resources for high school students, college students looking to transfer, and advisors and counselors.

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Contributing Writer is an advertising-supported site. Featured or trusted partner programs and all school search, finder, or match results are for schools that compensate us. This compensation does not influence our school rankings, resource guides, or other editorially-independent information published on this site.

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