Earning a Master's in Ministry Online

What You’ll Learn & What You Can Do After Graduation

Should I Pursue a Master's in Ministry Online?

By earning a master of arts in Christian ministry online, students can occupy roles as religious leaders, social workers, and community organizers. They may also pursue careers in postsecondary instruction and administration. In addition to core classes in biblical leadership, academic research, and systematic theology, graduate programs enable students to align degree plans to career interests through concentrations. Popular options include pastoral ministry, cross-cultural missions, youth counseling, camp administration, and women's leadership.

Distance learners enjoy affordable tuition and accessible asynchronous classes. This flexible structure allows students to pursue credentials while they work and take care of their families. Furthermore, candidates can remain active in their local churches, applying the knowledge and skills they develop as ministry students to support their communities.

Since master's programs build on prior learning, the ideal student possesses a related undergraduate degree and relevant work experience. This guide provides information on ministry degree options and career paths. Prospective learners also gain insight on professional development opportunities.

Employment Outlook for Master's in Ministry Graduates

Master's in Ministry Salary

Master of ministry online programs prepare students for careers as priests, missionaries, chaplains, and religious school teachers. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects clergy positions will grow 8% through 2026. Professionals in this field earn, on average, $47,100 per year. Ministry degree graduates may also apply for secular positions as counselors, advocates, and educators.

Master's in Ministry Careers

Students who earn their master of ministry degree online typically go on to work for churches and religious nonprofits. This section explores the diverse roles pastors occupy within a Christian congregation. Students also examine the chaplain position, who perform similar duties in prisons, hospitals, and military branches. Regardless of their specific position, ministerial professionals must display advanced biblical knowledge and interpersonal skills. They can work from a single place of worship or take their duties into the field to support underserved and at-risk communities.

Senior Pastor

Annual Median Salary: $57,849

These practitioners offer spiritual leadership to their church. Senior pastors also function as administrative directors, overseeing the growth of strategic ministry areas. In this capacity, they organize religious services, Sunday school programs, and community outreach initiatives. They may even work at colleges and universities, training the next generation of clergy men and women.


Annual Median Salary: $48,828

Occupying leadership roles in Christian sects, pastors offer guidance and pastoral counseling to members of their churches and communities. Pastors routinely lead their congregation in worship and therefore need exceptional oral communication skills. They must also possess in-depth knowledge of scripture and biblical history. Pastors occasionally conduct special services, including confirmations, weddings, and funerals.

Worship Pastor

Annual Median Salary: $43,006

Like other pastors, these spiritual leaders provide individual counseling and oversee church services. However, worship pastors occupy a distinct role in the congregation as musicians. Through songs, these pastors reveal and expound the lessons of biblical scripture. They also use music to uplift worshippers or highlight a lament as the situation dictates.

Lead Pastor

Annual Median Salary: $63,922

Like senior pastors, lead pastors occupy a high ministerial position within their church. These religious leaders provide pastoral counseling and develop religious programming. Lead pastors may specialize in youth ministry, helping children and teenagers learn scripture and engage in service. They can also emphasize roles within the greater community, organizing charity events and advocacy programs.


Annual Median Salary: $49,126

These practitioners work in healthcare facilities like military hospitals and private clinics. They provide spiritual guidance to patients and their families. Collaborating with doctors, therapists, and other health professionals, chaplains support individuals of all religious backgrounds. Due to the fraught nature of their work environment, chaplains must train in crisis intervention, grief counseling, and bereavement services.

Source: PayScale

What Can I Expect From an Online Master's in Ministry Program?

To earn their master of ministry, online students complete at least 30 credits of core coursework, electives, and practicum. Graduate programs culminate in thesis work or an applied capstone project. Because degree content varies by school, prospective students should consult admission counselors before pursuing enrollment. The list below contains five popular classes in this field.

Curriculum for an Online Master's Degree in Ministry

The Old Testament

This foundational course provides an overview of Old Testament literature, including historical setting, narrative structure, and theological message. Students examine the milieu of each Old Testament book and how the work applies to contemporary ministry. Candidates also delve into the foundation the Old Testament lays for New Testament scriptures.

Spiritual Formation

This class explores the personal and biblical foundations of spiritual growth, also called sanctification. They analyze how family history and personal development influence an individual's emotional maturity, morality, and religious outlook. Through classroom discussion and group activities, candidates develop a greater understanding of theological truth and its application in relational Christian ministry.

21st-Century Biblical Leadership

In this class, students examine the needs of modern ministry. They evaluate the challenges facing Christian congregations and develop action plans to tackle these problems. The course highlights leadership development through authentic interactions with peers and mentors. Students engage in self-reflection as a means to concretize their ministry vision and goals.

Cultivating Effective Ministry Teams

This course trains students to identify the needs of ministry staff and volunteers through formal interview and spiritual relationship building. Candidates learn to apply collaborative leadership skills to engage and motivate their teams. The class also covers administrative functions, including the hiring, training, and assessment processes. Additionally, learners examine strategic planning with regard to personal philosophy and ministerial praxis.

Navigating Ministry Conflict

Students learn to mediate and resolve conflict at the interpersonal and organizational levels. They develop the ability to identify conflict types and apply relevant methods to manage disputes within the congregation. Learners also examine the emotional implications of conflict management techniques to hone communication styles and action approaches that engender conflict resolution.

Certifications and Licenses a Master's in Ministry Prepares For

  • National Certified Counselor: Facilitated by the National Board of Certified Counselors, this voluntary credential reflects a professional's advanced levels of training and performance. To sit for the exam, candidates need a master's degree, 1,000 hours of postgraduate counseling supervision, a professional endorsement, and 3,000 hours of relevant work experience. The board also offers specialty certificates for mental health, school, and addictions counseling.
  • BBCI Certification: The Board of Chaplaincy Certification Inc. offers two levels of certification. To become a board certified chaplain, candidates need a bachelor's degree, a 72-credit graduate degree, and official endorsement from a recognized religious group. After submitting the application, chaplains meet with a certification committee and receive verbal confirmation of their status.

Professional Organizations and Resources

Master of ministry online programs provide the theoretical knowledge, leadership training, and technical skills students need to achieve career entry and advancement. They can bolster these opportunities by becoming members of professional organizations. Membership typically requires an annual fee, but enables access to special interest meetings, national conventions, and other networking events. Professional organizations also offer financial support, including academic scholarships, paid fellowships, and research grants. Furthermore, these organizations deliver online skill seminars and in-person workshops, like these training resources from the American Association of Pastoral Counselors.

  • American Association of Pastoral Counselors: With regional centers and affiliates all over the world, AAPC helps its members provide integrated and spiritually rich mental health services. Membership comes with perks such as career guidance, an extended network of peers and experts, and conference discounts.

  • Association of Youth Ministry Educators: Established in 1994, AYME commits its mission to supporting the next generation of youth ministers. The association offers award programs and professional development sessions. Members engage in scholarly and spiritual discourse online and at regional meetings and national conventions.

  • Healthcare Chaplains Ministry Association: HCMA trains, certifies, and supports Christian chaplains as they provide pastoral care to persons of all faiths. The association establishes standards for practitioners in this field. On top of the certification program, members access clinical pastoral training and continuing education opportunities.

  • National Association of Church Personnel Administrators: NACPA promotes Christian leadership in the fields of finance, human resources, and administration. Members benefit from webinars and job search tools. They also receive access to professional staff counseling and discounts on in-person consultations and workshops.

  • Spiritual Care Association: SCA is the first international, multidisciplinary organization dedicated to advancing evidence-based spiritual guidance and pastoral care. The association delivers webinars and online workshops through its learning center. SCA also facilitates certification programs for chaplains and generalists.

  • Catholic Campus Ministry Association: CCMA guides students on their spiritual journey by advancing campus ministry as a profession and sociocultural force. The association offers job opportunities and organizes events at higher education institutions all over the United States. CCMA also provides grants, webinars, and a certification program.

  • Community Development Society: CDS integrates knowledge and skills from multiple disciplines to strengthen communities at the local and state levels. Professionals collaborate through annual conferences, research initiatives, and a mobile networking application called CDS Connect.

  • National Association of Christians in Social Work: NACSW supports more than 1,500 professionals through grant resources, job search tools, and continuing education programs. The association connects social workers through interest groups, leadership initiatives, listservs, and annual conventions.

  • National Catholic Educational Association: Supporting over 150,000 educators and nearly two million students, NCEA stands as the largest private professional education organization in the world. The association delivers an online resource library and skill-based webinars. NCEA also provides guidance and resources through its vast career center.

  • Society of Biblical Literature: Established in 1880, SBL is the oldest organization dedicated to critical discussion of the Bible. Scholars collaborate on research projects, publications, and conference presentations. The society offers financial support, job search tools, and extensive resources for teaching and learning biblical literature.

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