Earning a Master’s in Management Information Systems Online

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October 5, 2021

Should I Pursue a Master's in Management Information Systems Online?

The field of management information systems (MIS) studies technology, such as enterprise applications and cloud computing, that companies and organizations use to function, distribute information, and make decisions. Students in an online master's in management information systems program gain valuable insight into how these systems operate, which helps them become successful information technology (IT) professionals. Ideal traits for these students include the ability to explain complex technology simply, cool-headedness while troubleshooting, and creative problem-solving.

The best online master’s programs in management information systems develop these traits so their graduates can snag top jobs in IT fields. Whether it's in healthcare, education, banking, tourism, or another specialty, earning a master's in MIS online gives professionals confidence in their design, management, and maintenance skills.

IT professionals are usually detail-oriented and self-motivated, which lends itself well to online education. An online master's in management information systems is also flexible, allowing you to finish coursework at your own pace.

Employment Outlook for Master's in Management Information Systems Graduates

Master's in Management Information Systems Salary

Internationally, the highest-paid MIS professionals are those with special certifications, higher degrees, or management experience. Salaries for entry-level information science researchers, who need a master’s degree, start at around $102,000. Compare that with a bachelor's-level position like information systems analyst, which offers a starting salary of about $59,000. Even in bachelor's degree careers, having an online master's in MIS helps you advance through professional ranks more quickly.

Pay by Experience Level for Project Managers, Information Technology


Master's in Management Information Systems Careers

Students who obtain a degree in management information systems can find careers in a variety of fields. For example, information security is closely tied to technological progress and the ever-increasing value of personal information, making it a fast-growing industry across the country. Information managers are in especially high demand among banking and private technology companies.

Applications Development Directors

Annual Median Salary: $134,922

This type of IT manager oversees the creation of software for a specific company. They ensure that all team members are on schedule, troubleshoot issues, and communicate with higher-ups about budgetary concerns while setting continuous goals and managing quality assurance.

Directors, Computing/Networking/IT

Annual Median Salary: $138,788

Networking directors manage digital assets for a company, ensuring that all employees comply with policies and procedures for the use of technology that stores sensitive information. This includes software, hardware, cloud networks, and internal websites.

Directors of Information Systems

Annual Median Salary: $102,983

A director of information systems is in charge of quality assurance for company software, hardware, and other equipment. They check on operations daily, especially when implementing new technology. Additionally, they might manage organization records and company communication.

Information Technology Managers

Annual Median Salary: $85,593

Information technology managers work on the design and implementation of staff or client access protocols in order to keep information secure. Depending on the field, IT managers may spend a lot of time working face to face with staff and clients, or they might maintain protocols through incident reporting forms.

Project Managers, Information Technology

Annual Median Salary: $86,036

These managers work with upper management to ensure case-by-case project security. Projects might include training for new regulations, implementing a new strategy, transitioning to new ownership, or changing technology systems. IT project managers also seek solutions to minor problems that pop up on a case-by-case basis.

Source: PayScale

What Can I Expect From an Online Master's in Management Information Systems Program?

People pursuing an online master's in management information systems spend most of their class time studying information security and analytics, which often pop up on professional certification exams. Not all programs offer the same classes, but there are a few foundational topics students should expect to cover while earning an online master's degree in MIS.

Curriculum for an Online Master’s Degree in Management Information Systems

Information Security Policies

A strong manager needs a concrete understanding of standard industry policies and regulations, which create trust with clients. This course includes an overview of common ethical schools of thought in information management and studies example company policies.

Management Principles

Knowing how to handle a wide variety of clientele and employees is a key skill in information security jobs, which deal with people as much as they do technology. This course offers a basic overview of effective management practices, which means lower turnover rates, improved employee morale, and better overall outcomes.

Data Research, Analysis, and Implementation

Professionals with solid research skills who can both research and communicate system weaknesses will find job opportunities wherever they go. This class teaches students to approach even small problems with an analytical mindset, always seeking evidence to support their conclusions and choices.

Security Trends

To prosper, companies must not only stay up-to-date with recent trends, but also stay ahead of any big upcoming changes -- whether they're technological or organizational. In these courses, students learn to analyze and predict trends in information fields to keep everything running smoothly no matter what new practices emerge.

Disaster Planning

No matter how well prepared a company is, new problems will always arise, and in those moments, people turn to information managers for solutions. Disaster planning courses teach students to stay calm under pressure, identify and fix problems while they are small, and develop preventive measures moving forward.

Certifications and Licenses a Master’s in Management Information Systems Prepares For


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