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The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a sharp increase in opportunities for business and financial workers in the coming years. Logisticians will see 7% job growth from 2016 to 2026, and business operations specialists will also experience job growth over the same period. Students looking to take advantage of this expanding industry should strongly consider pursuing a supply chain management online degree.

Supply chain and logistics professionals can apply their expertise to nearly any industry. Graduates interested in technology might find work at a hardware company, while graduates passionate about cars can land a job at an automotive manufacturer.

Why Earn a Supply Chain Management Bachelor's Degree Online?

As you begin searching for supply chain management schools online, consider the pros and cons of on-campus and distance learning. While web-based learning does not appeal to everyone, there are a few key reasons that logistics students should think about earning their supply chain management degree online.

Many students find online programs more convenient and flexible than on-campus programs. Distance learners can log in and complete coursework from anywhere. Additionally, since many programs offer asynchronous and part-time options, students can choose the ideal time to read assignments and participate in discussions. For these reasons, online degrees often attract students with commitments outside of schoolwork. For example, working professionals or parents with small children can balance their studies with other responsibilities.

Distance programs also tend to be more affordable than on-campus programs. Undergraduates earning their logistics degree online do not need to pay for commuting, housing, or a meal plan.

What Can I Do with a Bachelor's in Supply Chain Management?

Earning a supply chain management degree online can lead to a fruitful career in many industries. Many companies need skilled logistics workers who can keep track of inventory, manage distribution, and streamline production. Additionally, a bachelor's degree in supply chain management prepares you for a graduate degree in the field. Many bachelor's degree holders pursue a master's in logistics, business administration, or management in order to access advanced job opportunities.

Skills and Knowledge Gained

The best online supply chain management degrees instruct students on basic business theories and principles. Since supply chain programs are often part of business administration bachelor's degrees, many programs cover fundamental topics like economics, business law, statistics, and marketing. Basic business coursework provides students with the foundation they need to delve into more advanced, logistics-specific topics. In addition, supply chain professionals need a comprehensive business knowledge base in order to monitor, oversee, and improve company operations.

Students also develop skills specifically related to supply chain management and logistics. Through coursework on warehousing, students learn to track inventory using popular industry tools. In supply chain strategy courses, students explore approaches for monitoring, analyzing, and improving supply chain performance. Logistics learners also study the issues involved in transporting goods, including government regulations and security concerns. Students explore the supply chain both nationally and in a global context.

While an associate degree can lead to an entry-level job in business, a bachelor's degree can open the door to more career opportunities. Bachelor's degrees in logistics develop a broad skill set that can help students advance from low-level positions to managerial roles in the field.

Careers and Salary Potential

Pursuing a supply chain management bachelor's degree online equips students with the skills and knowledge they need to enter many industries and professions. Supply chain students can apply their knowledge of business and operations to a role as an operations manager or purchasing agent. They might also find work as a logistician or supply chain analyst who oversees and improves an organization's production processes. Below you can learn more about the industries and professions for online logistics degree holders.


Annual Median Salary: $74,590

Logisticians oversee a business's supply chain. They supervise a product's lifecycle from manufacturing to delivery to disposal. Duties include purchasing raw materials, managing inventory, and arranging shipping. They also analyze the supply chain and implement cost-cutting and time-saving measures. Employers often prefer logisticians with bachelor's degrees.

Operations Manager

Annual Median Salary: $63,659

Operations managers supervise an organization's production of goods. They manage budgets, set production goals, and ensure that operations run smoothly. Operations managers usually hold a bachelor's degree in business, management, finance, supply chain management, or a related field. An MBA can help operations managers attain high-level positions.

Supply Chain Manager

Annual Median Salary: $81,380

Supply chain managers typically need a bachelor's degree in sales, business administration, or logistics along with significant work experience. These professionals develop and design production systems that take an item from raw materials to a finished product. They supervise other supply chain workers, while maintaining a high-level view of inventory and demand.

Supply Chain Analyst

Annual Median Salary: $58,600

These professionals work to improve an organization's supply chain. They work with engineers, quality assurance specialists, and managers to identify issues and adjust procedures. Supply chain analysts interpret large data sets to improve efficiency and increase profits. Many companies require supply chain analysts to earn a bachelor's degree in IT or business.

Purchasing Agent (Buyer)

Annual Median Salary: $53,427

Purchasing agents, sometimes called buyers, purchase merchandise for their company to sell. They might work for a grocery store, auto parts store, or another type of business. Purchasing agents find suppliers, choose goods, and negotiate pricing. Many buyers hold a bachelor's degree in business or administration.

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