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Students seeking the flexibility to work almost anywhere in the world may choose to earn hotel management degrees online. Because hospitality plays a role in cities around the world, hotel management graduates find jobs both in exotic locations and close to home. 

Hotel Management reports the hotel industry anticipates year-on-year growth around the world, so graduates can find abundant opportunities. While many candidates find work as hotel managers, some fill other positions in hospitality as event planners, convention managers, and executive casino hosts. The management skills that hotel management online degree programs provide also translate into roles outside the hospitality industry, such as customer service management.

What Is a Job in Hotel Management Like?

Hotel management online degree programs focus on preparing learners for careers in the hospitality and tourism industry. These professionals work for travel, hotel, resort, cruise, and tourist destination companies. Because these companies operate around the world, graduates often find work at locations around the world. However, positions at exotic locations may prove more competitive.

Graduates can stand out from the competition by earning professional certifications. Industry organizations, like the American Hotel and Lodging Educational Institute offer credentials to qualified applicants. These certifications prove that applicants understand important hospitality topics, such as industry analytics, supply chain management, and concierge service. These organizations also offer opportunities for continuing education and professional networking.

Hotel management professionals typically work during regular business hours, though they often work during their organization's busiest times. For example, convention managers may work over weekends to ensure their clients receive excellent service. Furthermore, hospitality professionals who work on cruise ships may leave home for weeks at a time and visit exciting destinations.

Regardless of where they work, hospitality professionals all need excellent communication and customer service skills. The entire industry relies on customer experiences and making people feel relaxed. These vital skills allow learners to transfer to almost any industry if they need or want to do so.

Online hotel management degrees also give graduates opportunities to seek higher education. In some degree programs, learners may immediately pursue MBAs. These degrees can help graduates find work in upper-management and executive-level positions in the hospitality industry.

What Can I Do with an Online Hotel Management Bachelor's Degree?

An online hotel management degree allows graduates to work in several hospitality management positions, including as hotel managers, event planners, and casino hosts. Internships, business courses, and hospitality classes give learners opportunities to build skills that employers want in candidates. The valuable skills students gain also give them flexibility in their careers that allow them to move into other industries.

Skills and Knowledge Gained

Earning hotel restaurant management degrees online often include classes in other areas of hospitality, including restaurant management. Some schools offer general hospitality management degrees with available concentrations in hotel management. Programs typically include general education, hospitality, and general business management courses.

The hospitality courses give students insights into the global tourism industry, types of hotels, and what visitors expect from their stays. Degree candidates also learn about conference management, event planning, and ethical issues in hospitality. Business courses give learners skills in financial management, organizational leadership, marketing, communication, and business analytics. Curricula may also include courses in travel, tourism, revenue control, and restaurant management. The variety of skills these students gain give them flexible career options.

The business acumen that students develop give them the skills they need to excel in management positions. They can make decisions that benefit the bottom line. Hospitality courses tailor this skill set to the unique industry. Graduates can provide excellent guest service, for example. Their understanding of hospitality also helps them work in any area of hospitality, including travel and tourism.

These programs also give degree candidates skills that translate into almost any industry. For example, learners gain customer service skills that they can apply to any consumer-facing position. They can also manage organizations like retail stores, restaurants, and spas.

Some online hotel management degrees require candidates to complete internships. During these opportunities, learners follow managers in hotel settings and may even complete some tasks on their behalf. This requirement gives students hands-on learning and insight into the job. In addition, these experiences also help students build their resumes and professional networks, which can help them find jobs after graduation.

Careers and Salary Potential

An online hotel management degree opens a world of possibilities in the hospitality industry. Graduates can oversee several hotel functions, including hosting events, coordinating conventions, and managing large hotel staffs. In large hotels, managers may be responsible for just one section of the team, while smaller hotels may hire only one manager to oversee all staff. Below are just some of the career options for graduates with online hotel and restaurant management degrees.

Event Planner

Annual Median Salary: $47,385

People and organizations often host events at hotels, including weddings, conferences, and job fairs. Event planners work with these clients to make sure the events run smoothly and the hotel reserves the appropriate space.

Hotel Manager

Annual Median Salary: $48,747

Depending on the size of the hotel and the job description, these managers oversee operations in the hotel, including hiring, guest services, marketing, cleaning services, food services, and event planning. 

Executive Casino Host

Annual Median Salary: $50,073

These managers oversee employees in the gambling areas of casinos, which can include security, servers, dealers, and customer service. They work nontraditional business hours so that they are present during the casino's busiest times.

Convention Services Manager

Annual Median Salary: $48,749

Hotels hire Convention Services Managers to ensure success at their conventions. Convention services managers secure convention contracts, handle logistics for clients, and negotiate contracts with vendors. 

Guest Services Manager

Annual Median Salary: $39,443

These professionals oversee booking, in-room services, and amenities. They set schedules for customer service employees, handle customer complaints, analyze customer data, oversee payroll, and maintain inventory.

Source: PayScale

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