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Completing an online international business degree allows graduates to work in many global settings, experience fascinating cultures, and learn about business transactions in various regions of the world. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), top executives earned median salaries of $104,700 in 2017. The BLS projects positions for these professionals to grow 8% by 2026.

As the world economy expands and more companies look to partner with businesses in different countries, understanding global laws, regulations, and customs makes graduates of these programs particularly valuable.

Why Earn an Online Degree in International Business?

Distance education offers many benefits to learners who may not otherwise have the time or resources to complete a campus-based program. Because degree seekers can log in from any location with a secure internet connection, online education is convenient for working professionals or those balancing academic ambitions alongside family commitments. Distance programs are also flexible, making it easy for students to study either part or full time.

Some programs are offered in accelerated formats to allow motivated students to graduate quickly. For individuals who do not want to log in at specific times for live lectures, asynchronous programs allow students to complete assignments on their own schedule.

Cost can also play a role when choosing a higher education course. Online degrees can be less expensive than on-campus alternatives, and students can forego the additional costs related to commuting and paying for room and board.

What Can I Do with an Online International Business Bachelor's Degree?

Because online international business degrees cover various facets of business (marketing, finance, human resources, accounting, etc.), graduates can find careers in many disciplines. An international business degree also serves as a great foundation for individuals considering advanced education in the future. Many graduates of bachelor's programs go on to complete master's and doctoral programs in international business or related subjects.

Skills & Knowledge Gained

Cross-cultural communication plays a significant role in international business, as people must learn how tools like diplomacy, respect, and sensitivity affect relations with colleagues and prospective clients. The ability to collaborate also benefits international business professionals, as they often find themselves working in different offices throughout the world.

Professionals must adapt to work schedule flexibility. Different time zones may require working outside traditional business hours and operating on a schedule more convenient for the client. In addition, international business students need to enhance their emotional intelligence, as cultures identify signs of respect and disrespect in different ways. Paying attention to cues and how individuals respond is critical for business students working internationally.

Careers & Salary Potential

With an online business degree, graduates can pursue a variety of careers and specialties. Some learners may feel drawn to advertising and marketing, while others prefer human relations. Workplace environment also plays a factor when choosing a career path. Professionals may want to work as part of a larger company or prefer the flexibility that comes with a freelance career.

Advertising, Promotions, or Marketing Manager

Annual Median Salary: $129,380

These professionals work within their companies to develop targeted advertising and marketing plans to help effectively spread the message about their products and/or services. In addition to creating campaigns, these managers set and monitor budgets, negotiate vendor contracts, hire freelancers, and liaise with company leadership on strategy.

International Sales Manager

Annual Median Salary: $76,182

With a focus on supporting businesses that ship goods internationally, these sales managers oversee operations, develop sales strategies, manage delivery to purchasers, establish pricing plans, and work to ensure products meet both demand and market trends over time.

Operations Manager

Annual Median Salary: $63,659

Operations managers working for international companies oversee day-to-day activities related to purchasing and selling, manufacturing, and storage, with specific emphasis on monitoring operational costs. These professionals may also manage other staff, create budgets, and make hiring decisions.

Supply Chain Manager

Annual Median Salary: $81,380

Commonly employed by companies with franchises, supply chain managers create production schedules to meet the lifespan of goods, starting from production systems and ending at shipment. Supply chain managers oversee manufacturing staff, boost productivity, create budgets, and evaluate new and existing suppliers.

Management Analyst

Annual Median Salary: $82,450

Whether serving in a freelance or in-house capacity, management analysts liaise with companies to identify issues related to efficiency and work to solve existing problems. They interview staff, conduct observations, review financial data, and gather all the information needed to create effective solutions. Management analysts present findings to company leadership and stakeholders.

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