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September 16, 2021

Building your own business takes time, late nights, and perseverance. However, the hard work pays off. As your own boss, you make the rules and call the shots. You choose when to handle matters yourself or delegate to others. Earning an entrepreneurship degree online allows you to learn best business practices. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), entrepreneurs account for 10% of the workforce. With the right knowledge, you can join this growing number.

Why Earn an Entrepreneurship Degree Online?

Pursuing an entrepreneurship degree online is convenient and flexible. The online format provides a glimpse of the entrepreneurial lifestyle, allowing you to create your own schedule and complete work at your convenience. You don't need to report to an office or classroom each day. This means you can practice self accountability and time management, two important skills for business success. The flexible format means you can even graduate while living abroad or taking care of your family.

Students who earn online degrees typically don't need to pay for student activities and campus maintenance fees, which often makes the degree more affordable than traditional programs. If you already own a computer, you won't need to invest in many materials beyond books.

What Can I Do with an Online Entrepreneurship Bachelor's Degree?

If you dream of owning your own business one day, consider pursuing an entrepreneurship degree online. With this versatile degree, you learn how marketing strategies, budgeting skills, and creative thinking practices translate to many careers and industries, from public relations to accounting. An undergraduate online entrepreneurship degree offers a great foundation for students who wish to earn a graduate degree in business.

Skills and Knowledge Gained

Upon graduation, undergraduates will have many crucial skills. Some of these are soft skills, which are hard to test and quantify. These include critical thinking, problem solving, effective interpersonal communication, and negotiation. Most of these soft skills help you navigate tough business decisions, such as what to do if a pipe bursts in the middle of the night, or whether you need to fire an employee. Hard skills, such as knowing how to balance a budget and take inventory, are easier to quantify.

These skills and competencies open up other career opportunities that aren't always available for people with only associate degrees. For example, when you pitch to potential investors, even the best business plan doesn't give you as much credibility as a bachelor's degree. Most associate programs last only two years, while most bachelor's programs take four years to complete. Graduates with bachelor's degrees have a deeper understanding of the core skills that prepare them to envision and develop new business initiatives.

Careers and Salary Potential

People own businesses in all types of fields, from marketing to manufacturing. Entrepreneurs who sell their own successful business often work as consultants for other startups. Whatever path you pursue, remember that you can change your career any time thanks to the versatile knowledge learned in your degree. If you identify as a motivated self-starter who stays focused, explore the different career fields you can pursue with an entrepreneurial online internet marketing degree.

Small-Business Owner

Annual Median Salary: $60,071

Small-business owners wear many professional hats. They work as their own social media managers, accountants, and hiring managers. These professionals own retail stores, auto body shops, laundromats, restaurants, and hair salons. Their businesses help local economies thrive.

Marketing Manager

Annual Median Salary: $129,380

Every business needs customers or clients. Marketing managers work to promote products or services in order to generate revenue. They explore paid advertisements, such as commercials and magazine ads, as well as unpaid advertisements, like social media. Marketing managers must know how to craft impactful messages through copy, design, and photography.

Business Consultant

Annual Median Salary: $71,778

Individuals who succeed as business owners can work as business consultants. Business consultants offer advice and strategy tips. They work with other business owners to develop plans on how to help them achieve goals. Some of these goals include successful marketing campaigns or opening additional business locations.

Business Analyst

Annual Median Salary: $59,278

Business analysts examine business data and seek ways to increase revenue and efficiency. Some business analysts work as consultants for other businesses so they can offer unbiased advice. Other business analysts work internally within their own organization to help each department improve.

General Sales Manager

Annual Median Salary: $64,981

General sales managers oversee sales departments. They keep sales employees on track and motivate the entire department to reach its goals. These professionals often work closely with marketing managers to develop strategic plans on how to move products and obtain new clients.


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