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September 7, 2021

A career in anthropology is about exploring human development and behavior, both historically and in the present. Earning an anthropology degree online means exciting opportunities in fieldwork and practical experience, but also exposure to different cultures and languages.

Plus, there are career opportunities — the Bureau of Labor Statistics anticipates a 4% growth in the employment of anthropologists by 2026. Anthropology degree holders typically work in museums or as teachers, but core skills can also be applied to other professions. If earning an online anthropology degree appeals to you, read on to learn more.

Why Earn an Anthropology Degree Online?

Studying for an online degree in anthropology is convenient, flexible, and affordable. You can attend class from anywhere and, if your program is asynchronous, log in on your schedule. Despite the distance, online students can consult with faculty, engage in discussion with classmates, and access school services, all while balancing professional and personal responsibilities.

For some online learners, it's best to enroll part time, which allows them to work full time while still completing their degree. Some programs also offer accelerated options, where students can finish faster by taking heavier course loads. Online studies generally cost less than on-campus programs because many universities use in-state tuition rates, and students also save money on boarding and commuting expenses.

What Can I Do with a Bachelor's in Anthropology?

When you earn an accredited anthropology degree online, you develop an excellent foundation in social sciences and liberal arts, plus a range of versatile, sought-after skills. These include critical thinking, problem-solving, creativity, and written and oral communication. Furthermore, an online anthropology degree can prepare you for graduate studies in the field or in other disciplines like history, education, or law.

Skills and Knowledge Gained

An online degree in anthropology encourages students to understand and appreciate diverse cultures within a global context. This can extend to related areas of study like psychology, law, economics, sociology, and medicine, and usually covers both qualitative and quantitative research methods. Some courses also touch on evolutionary biology, including human anatomy, reproduction, and nutrition.

You can expect online anthropology degree coursework to cover general skills, too, like

These skills are useful in all professions, which is why employers seek them out. A bachelor's program trains students more fully than an associate program does, especially when it comes to practical skills, so serious applicants should pursue four-year degrees from accredited universities.

Careers and Salary Potential

Completing your anthropology degree online affords tremendous latitude when deciding on careers. Whether you opt to work for a school, museum, nonprofit, or corporation, an online degree in anthropology demonstrates attention to detail, willingness to collaborate with diverse groups of people, and a lifelong commitment to learning. Here are a few fields where your skills will be relevant:

High School Teacher

Annual Median Salary: $59,170

In addition to designing and instructing classroom curriculum, high school teachers prepare young people for life after graduation. This includes helping them acquire life skills so they can transition seamlessly into college and careers. High school teachers typically specialize in a specific subject area and teach students who are 15-18 years old.

Museum Technician

Annual Median Salary: $47,360

A museum technician acquires, stores, and displays collections of artwork and historic items. They help determine exhibit themes, organize workshops, and plan tours that educate the public about human history and culture. They may also work in art restoration, oversee a curatorial team, or pursue special research projects.


Annual Median Salary: $61,820

Authors can work in just about any medium, including television, books, film, newspapers, poetry, and theater. They may write fiction or nonfiction work, conduct research, consult with editors ahead of publication, or mentor other writers. Successful writers need a deep-seated understanding of human behavior, which an anthropology degree can provide.

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