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Every industry relies on highly knowledgeable managers to drive revenue and increase profit. Organizations without this pool of talented individuals usually lack the due diligence, supervision, and guidance necessary for success. Earning an online management degree not only equips you with the leadership capabilities organizations demand in today's competitive global market, but it also affords unparalleled convenience as you complete your studies.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects an 8% growth in management occupations from 2016 to 2026 as organizations both form and expand. This expected surge requires optimizing performance, reducing costs, and ensuring stakeholder satisfaction. The following page highlights the benefits a top online business degree affords and the careers graduates can pursue.

Why Earn an Online Degree in Management?

Online business degrees offer exceptional value because of their flexibility, convenience, and affordability. Most programs allow students to attend class asynchronously, or when and where their schedule allows. As a result, many continue to work full time while enrolled.

Distance learning also permits students to balance their academic, professional, and personal demands because they set the pace for class attendance. Moreover, some online business degree programs offer an opportunity to complete studies at an accelerated pace, so learners save both time and money by finishing their studies more rapidly than they would otherwise.

You might also consider the monetary savings of earning an online management degree. You save the expenses of campus housing, campus meals, and commuting by taking classes from the comfort of your own home. Some schools also charge the same tuition for in-state and out-of-state online students, which opens up possibilities when it comes to where you enroll.

What Can I Do With an Online Management Bachelor's Degree?

You can apply the knowledge you gain through your online management degree to several professions. Every industry values the abilities to think critically, mitigate and manage risks, and communicate effectively. Completing this degree empowers you with a range of career choices and establishes a strong academic foundation, including preparation for an advanced degree.

Skills and Knowledge Gained

Graduates of online business programs develop and strengthen a range of competencies imperative to a career in management. For example, you learn to identify potential threats to organizational operations and proactively design solutions to counter the severity of possible risks. These programs pay careful attention to building students' analytical and problem-solving skills. Furthermore, organizational leadership requires guiding teams of people, and students who earn an online business management degree know how to communicate focused messaging that inspires colleagues' and stakeholders' trust and confidence.

Coursework for a bachelor's business degree online emphasizes the power of verbal and written communications. These programs also teach you about administrative duties, like creating and reconciling a budget; recruiting and nurturing talent; and executing strategic, business, and operational planning. In addition, courses deepen your knowledge of conflict resolution and mediation to equip you to better handle employee relations when disagreements that could stymie workplace progress arise.

A management career entails equally important responsibilities like effective planning, goal-oriented project management, and prudent resource allocation. You must master these critical business functions to safeguard your organization against failure and set yourself on a path for professional advancement.

Careers and Salary Potential

A top online management degree opens a range of career options that align with your interests and abilities. Superior communication skills may prompt you to pursue a supervisory role in a large corporation, while an eye for detail may motivate you to enter a finance-related role. You may also decide to follow your creative passions and launch your own business. Regardless of your decision, any career requires dedication, perseverance, and self-motivation.

Advertising, Promotions, or Marketing Manager

Annual Median Salary: $129,380

This career entails designing initiatives that raise visibility for and generate interest in specific services and products. Professionals collaborate with advertising sales agents and art directors to plan promotions and conduct market research on consumers' wants. They also determine the best media through which to reach their target audience and negotiate contracts with those sources.

Management Analyst

Annual Median Salary: $82,450

Experts in this profession help organizations improve their efficiency and effectiveness by identifying, testing, and troubleshooting challenges that hinder revenue generation. They perform due diligence to understand complexities that hamper cost reductions and recommend how to overcome them. In many instances, they specialize in a specific industry and may work in teams.

Compensation and Benefits Manager

Annual Median Salary: $119,120

This professional determines the structure of an organization's pay and benefits to ensure competitive wages. Individuals in this position must monitor market conditions through analysis of wage and salary data. They must also contract vendors like insurance brokers and administer programs like health, life, and retirement plans for employees.

Human Resources Manager

Annual Median Salary: $110,120

This kind of manager oversees the recruitment, interviewing, and hiring of new staff for an organization to ensure it attracts and retains top-tier talent. The role can involve strategic planning to understand talent needs and collaboration with consultants who advise on issues like equal employment opportunity.

Top Executive

Annual Median Salary: $104,700

Professionals in this position develop policies and plans to achieve organizational goals. Doing so requires analyzing financial statements, negotiating contracts, overseeing budgetary matters, and managing general activities that enable product development and distribution. Individuals may hold a title like chief executive officer, chief operating officer, or operations manager.

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